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Elevating the voices of Wyman teens


Wyman Voices is an ongoing platform for our young people to share their voices and perspectives on important and relevant topics.

Throughout this page, you will find a series of videos and blogposts that share the thoughts, ideas, reflections, and experiences of our teens around important issues that impact all of us.


#WYMANTeensWill Vote

“It is a privilege to be able to have a voice in this country now….Every voice needs to be heard. Every voice matters.” Jalen discusses the importance of using your voice and being an educated voter. View the transcript here.

“Know what you’re voting for.”  Ramya discusses what voting means to her and encourages others to become educated voters. View the transcript here.

“The youth and the millennial generation making up the largest voting pool in the country…us showing up for this election could decide our fate as a country.” Barrington discusses the importance of the youth vote in the upcoming election. View the transcript here.


Previous Videos and Topics


Wyman Voices Introduction from Claire Wyneken

View here. Transcript can be found here.


Black Lives Matter

“The only person that can truly stop you from achieving your goals and what you are destined for, which is greatness, is yourself.” – Namyiah

Watch the videos below to hear Namyiah, Joelly, and Skylar discuss the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement, and their roles as leaders, educators, and allies in the movement.


Joelly discusses the importance of educating herself and her role as an ally in the BLM movement. View here. Transcript can be found here.

Namyiah says her role in the BLM movement is to educate others and to be the light to her peers and her community. View her videos: BLM 1 and BLM 2.  Transcripts can be found here: BLM 1 and BLM 2

Skylar discusses her duty and responsibility as a leader to unify and fight for equality in order to have hope in the world. View here. Transcript can be found here.

Virtual Learning: Personal Experiences, Hopes, and Concerns

Introduction from Tiarra Harris, High School Coach. View here. Transcript can be found here.

Skylar discusses the importance of listening to doctors, and making sure students have access to extra resources and help during this time. View here. Transcript can be found here.

Namyiah talks about how difficult it is to focus when you’re outside of the school setting. View here. Transcript can be found here.

Joelly discusses some of the positives and negatives to virtual learning. View here. Transcript can be found here.

Here, Namyiah talks about her concerns for the new school year. View here. Transcript can be found here.

Here, Joelly talks about her hopes of virtual learning being easier to navigate this year, and that eventually she will get back into the classroom. View here. Transcript can be found here.