Wyman’s proven programs amplify youth voice and leadership, elevate social connections, and expand opportunities for young people who face economic and systemic barriers.

Wyman creates, delivers, and distributes proven programs that help young people build life and leadership skills, establish healthy behaviors and relationships, and achieve educational and career success. Our direct service programs serve more than 1,600 young people each year. We extend our reach through partnerships locally and across the country to serve more than 3,000 young people in the St. Louis area, and more than 30,000 young people across the country.

Our three programs – Wyman Leaders, the Teen Outreach Program® (TOP®), and the Teen Connection Project® (TCP®) – provide experiences, opportunities, and resources to young people. They include community service; social, emotional, academic, and leadership skill building; postsecondary access and support; and positive connections with peers and adults.

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Wyman Leaders

Wyman Leaders supports young people in St. Louis to develop life and leadership skills, enter and complete college and career education programs, and create strong community connections. Youth participate in camp experiences, individualized coaching, and enrichment activities. Teens enter Wyman Leaders the summer before ninth grade and finish the program as adults, four years after high school graduation.

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Teen outreach Program

The Teen Outreach Program® (TOP®) is a nationally-recognized, evidence-based program empowering teens with the tools and opportunities to build social-emotional skills, strengthen relationships, and avoid risky behaviors. TOP youth become prepared to navigate life’s challenges during their teen years and beyond. The 9-month program serves young people from 6th-12th grade in St. Louis and across the country.

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Teen Connection Project

The Teen Connection Project® (TCP®) is a nationally-recognized, evidence-based, social-emotional learning program that builds strong connections. Lessons focus on communication, trust, vulnerability, giving and getting support, and exploring personal strengths. TCP teens learn to interact, share, and create and maintain social connections. This 12-14 week program serves teens from 9th-12th grade in St. Louis and across the country.

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