Teens. Community. Partnership.

Wyman partners with young people by providing experiences, opportunities, and resources to support and challenge them as they grow and learn. Through our proven programs, we are part of the lives of more than 3,000 St. Louis area youth and nearly 30,000 nationally every year.

Our programs include community service; social, emotional, academic, and leadership skill building; postsecondary access and support; and team building and outdoor camp experiences.

As our young people continue to face challenges and social inequities, Wyman staff are listening and providing our teens with support and space for connection and empowerment. Developing the skills that are critical to overcoming challenges, building relationships with people and communities, and doing well in school is at the heart of all our programs.


Wyman blends a youth-centered approach with evidence-based practices to create and deliver programs that help each teen define and achieve personal success.

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Wyman Leaders

Wyman Leaders supports more than 400 St. Louis teens annually as they enter and complete college and career education programs, develop life and leadership skills, and create strong connections to their communities.

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Teen outreach Program

The Teen Outreach Program® (TOP®) empowers teens with the tools and opportunities to develop social-emotional skills, build healthy relationships and community connections, develop a sense of purpose, and avoid risky behaviors.

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Teen Connection Project

The Teen Connection Project® (TCP®) is a 12-14 week program designed to improve peer relationships, social-emotional skills, school belonging/engagement, and well-being among high school youth.

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