Academic Engagement. Leadership. Community Connections.

Wyman has helped me find my voice and encouraged me to participate in new opportunities. – Dominique, Wyman Leaders teen

Teens enter Wyman Leaders the summer before ninth grade as 14-year-olds, at a pivotal time in their education and lives.

They finish the program as adults in their early 20s, four years after high school graduation.

What happens during that nine-year journey?

They climb.

They explore.

They connect. 

They grow – as students, leaders, and individuals.

So, who are Wyman Leaders?

Wyman Leaders are…

100% graduate from high school on time.

Exploring educational opportunities, and planning for the careers they want.

Receiving coaching for the transition to high school and then to higher education.

Participating in intensive summer and school-year leadership experiences, and taking on leadership roles in their schools and communities.

Coming back to camp as college students to mentor younger teens entering the Wyman Leaders program.

Immersive camp experiences, enrichment activities, postsecondary education tours, and individualized coaching are just some of the ways Wyman’s trained youth leadership professionals support more than 400 students each year through this recognized, nine-year program.

Wyman Leaders continue their leadership, long after graduation. Ask around – there may be a Wyman Leader making a difference right now in your company or community!


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