Empowering Teens.
Equipping Adults.
Strengthening Systems.

Our founder, Frank Wyman, and campers

Wyman was founded in 1898 by local businessman Frank Wyman to provide children from St. Louis city a chance to get away and experience life in a rural setting. Our camp soon attracted a great deal of attention and served as the birthplace for some of Wyman’s most successful youth development approaches that are now offered to young people in St. Louis, and across the country.

From our beginnings 123 years ago as Camp Wyman to becoming a national leader in youth programming, we have always believed in and celebrated young people and their leadership, energy, and determination.

Through our programs, young people create consistent, positive relationships with adults who help them build life skills, develop a positive sense of self, and make healthy connections with others and the community. They become leaders, focus on the future, and give back. To learn more about our programs, please click here.

To learn more about the land Camp Wyman is on, please view our Land Acknowledgment.


Mission, Vision, and Beliefs

Our mission is to empower teens from economically disadvantaged circumstances to lead successful lives and build strong communities.

We envision a day when all young people in America will thrive in learning, work, and life.

At Wyman, we believe that every young person

  • Has the potential to succeed and lead, regardless of life circumstances.
  • Deserves to have connections with caring adults who empower them to share their voice and engage within their communities.
  • Deserves equitable access to quality education, work, and life experiences – ensuring a better future and a better world.


Youth-Centered  |  Relationships  |  Learning  |  Results

Youth-Centered. Teens own their success and create their futures – we are here to empower, support, guide, and celebrate. The world is ever-changing and we adapt to remain reliable and relevant allies for teens. We stand with teens to break down barriers and inequities so they can build successful lives and know themselves as change agents in their lives and in the world.

Relationships. All our work gets done through relationships. Youth learn to develop and maintain healthy relationships. Through relationships, staff collaborate to actualize the mission. Healthy and constructive relationships with our partners and stakeholders contribute to the success of the youth and communities we serve. Our relationships are authentic, respectful, transparent, benefit from healthy conflict and diversity of thought, and foster trust and inclusion.

Learning. As a learning organization, we measure what we do and use data to inform decisions, innovations, and improvement. We employ a continuous improvement process where we look to plan, do, learn, and adjust and lead by sharing knowledge with our peers and in the field. We demonstrate this value as an organization and as individuals.

Results. We exist to produce meaningful and lasting results. We measure and quantify our work in a way that we can track and report progress within and across teams and with stakeholders. As an organization, and as individuals, we calibrate and align our work to produce the desired results.


Through research and 123 years of experience, we know that educational success, healthy behaviors and relationships, and life and leadership skills help teens thrive and contribute positively to their communities. To ensure that teens from economically disadvantaged circumstances have the opportunity to achieve these outcomes, Wyman employs a multi-front approach of:

  • Empowering teens through strong, high quality programs that help teens gain the tools and skills needed to succeed;
  • Equipping adults through training designed to help adults build relationships with teens by creating engaging and empowering learning environments; and
  • Strengthening systems through deep, collaborative partnerships meant to create more equitable and transformational opportunities for youth.

In addition, we work to increase the effectiveness of the field by capturing and analyzing data, then sharing practices that can ignite innovation across the nation.

Board of Trustees

Wyman is governed by a Board of Trustees who have a passion for Wyman’s mission. Our Board monitors organizational performance, guides strategic initiatives, ensures long-range planning meets the needs of future generations, and oversees policies.

Board Leadership

David Rodgers
Chairman of the Board

Amy Berg
Chair Elect


Kristin Poole

Jacqueline Davis-Wellington


View our full Board of Trustees list here.

Senior Management Team


To view the full Wyman Team, click here.


Wyman is a proud partner of the United Way of Greater St. Louis and has been accredited by the Council on Accreditation since 2011.

Additional Recognition: 

  • Better Business Bureau Accredited Charity
  • 2021 What’s Right with the Region Honoree for the Teen Connection Project
  • Women in the Workplace: Employment Scorecard, Top Place for Women to Work Honoree, 2018 – 2020
  • St. Louis Business Journal’s Best Places to Work Honoree, 2015
  • NAACP Commitment to Education Award, 2015
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Distinguished Youth Organization Award, 2015
  • Superintendent’s Choice Award, University City School District, 2014
  • Council on Accreditation’s Innovative Practices Award, 2013
  • Social Impact Exchange S&I 100 Index of Top Non-Profits Creating Social Impact, 2012
  • City of St. Louis Community Service Award, 2011
  • Missouri House of Representatives Resolution: In recognition of Wyman’s century of service to the region’s at-risk teens, 2011
  • St. Louis County’s BRAVO Award
  • World of Children Award from the former Progressive Youth Center (now Epworth)
  • Lions’ and Kiwanis’ International’s Leadership and Service Award