Wyman Values Spotlight: Equity

At Wyman, we believe all youth deserve to thrive and to make sure that we are helping them on their journey, five important values guide our work every day. One of those values is Equity.

Watch the video below to learn more about the difference between equality and equity – and Wyman’s commitment to working with youth and community partners to dismantle the inequities that prevent our vision for youth from becoming a reality.

We are committed to courageous conversations, personal development, social awareness, and fostering an organizational culture and program spaces that recognize systemic inequities and center the voices of the youth and communities we serve. We want to hear your thoughts on equity and how it shows up at Wyman – or how you would like to see it show up. Visit our social media pages to share your thoughts with us!

If you want to learn more about how equity shows up in our work, visit our DEI page to explore our commitment to equity and the goals we are working to achieve.

Equality v. Equity Photo Credit: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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