Quentin Phillips

Meet Quentin Phillips, a teen who has been a part of Wyman’s Teen Leadership Program (TLP) as a young adult.

This program, based in St. Louis, provides intense residential summer experiences and school-year support over the course of six years to build the leadership capacity of teens, and increase college access and persistence.

“Quentin was a shy teenager when he first joined Wyman’s Teen Leadership Program,” said Bryan Capers, Wyman’s Teen Leadership Program Director and former College and Career Program Director. “He rarely advocated for himself or stepped up, but today, he’s learned to take initiative and ownership of his success, and he knows where he wants to go.”

“Quentin reminds me that regardless of anyone’s life circumstances, as long as we continue to have hope—and encourage teens to think beyond what they think their limitations are—they are bound to be successful,” said Capers. “I can’t think of another teen who has completed more college applications, has received so many scholarships or become as involved in as many things that he has. And, it’s paying off.”

In 2015, Quentin applied for, and was accepted to, Louisiana State University’s esteemed College of Engineering.

Today, Quentin is pursuing his dreams of becoming a petroleum engineer.