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Why St. Louis Needs Better Perfoming Partnerships

St. Louis, MO [Oct. 28, 2015] – In an effort to collectively improve performance and better achieve goals, Wyman presented the 6th annual Saigh Symposium, “Why St. Louis Needs Better Performing Partnerships,” on Tuesday, Oct. 27 at the Nine Network of Public Media. The symposium encouraged like-minded youth organizations to convene around shared challenges and best practices so that, as an industry, we may make a bigger impact.

“It is important that we empower our young people to lead productive, successful lives so that they might have a positive influence in our region; it is also critical that we empower each other, and our organizations, to be better and to continue to grow,” said Dave Hilliard, Wyman President and CEO.

Over the past several years, the St. Louis region has demanded greater outcomes for teens. The call has come from many sources – For the Sake of All, the Ferguson Commission, and the emerging Ready by 21 Youth Master Plan, in addition to the nation-at-large. Wyman convened its network to react to this charge. The 2015 Saigh Symposium brought together experts from both the region and across the nation.

“The Saigh Symposium helps us discuss the challenges we know exist in our community,” said St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger. “It is an important time where leaders can come together and truly make a difference.”

The 2014 Saigh Symposium utilized the power of youth leader’s voices to reinforce the effects of positive youth development. Teen testimonies made an impact on attendees and left them with motivation to continue to support the teen leaders of the community. The 2015 symposium aimed to further ignite this motivation so that the region may grow and see even further success.

“Partnerships and collaborations are responsible for many of our region’s greatest achievements,” said Mayor Francis Slay. “St. Louis will be a greater, stronger region when everyone has a chance to succeed and everyone is working together toward that goal.”

The Saigh Symposium left attendees with calls to action to implement in their communities and help focus the region’s organizations toward collaborative efforts.

“The Nine Network was honored to be a part of this collaborative event and to use our facilities for initiatives that improve outcomes for young people and therefore the entire region,” said Jack Galmiche, President and CEO of the Nine Network of Public Media. “Year after year, we see the positive effects of this symposium through the innovative ideas and discussions that develop within our walls that inspire people to act.”

About the Saigh Symposium:
Presented by Wyman in partnership with The Saigh Foundation, Wyman’s annual Saigh Symposium fosters education and conversation on topics relevant to moving the field of youth development forward on behalf of teens in our community, region and across the country. The Saigh Symposium is part of the American Graduate Youth Impact Series, which seeks to help the St. Louis community support young people on their path toward high school graduation and future success.

Agenda & Speakers

A Global Perspective: How We Can Build Partnerships that Perform

  • Christina Holt, World Health Organization, Collaborating Centre for Community Health & Development

How We Can Build More Promising Partnerships, New Youth Development Research and Outcomes

  • Pennie Foster-Fishman, Ph.D., Michigan State University

Symposium Panelists:

  • Vanessa Foster Cooksey, Senior Vice President, Community Affairs, Wells Fargo Advisors
  • Kendra Copanas, Executive Director, Maternal & Child Health Coalition
  • Alan Byrd, Dean of Enrollment Services, University of Missouri-St. Louis, and Co-Chair of St. Louis Graduates
  • Kathy Osborn, Executive Director, Regional Business Council

How to Get Involved:

  • Watch the full presentation.
  • View and help us update the Child Well Being Ecosystem Map. Developed by the Clark Fox Family Foundation, this map visually aggregates information regarding St. Louis agencies involved in the work of child well-being, serving as a web-based tool for research, understanding and collaboration. See if your organization is on the map in the correct place with a fitting description. Email to add your group or provide edits.
  • Join Thread STL: If you facilitate or manage a community partnership or coalition, become a member of Thread STL, the professional association of partnership leaders in the St. Louis region. You can learn more about Thread STL and join here. FREE membership is available for a limited time with the discount code SAIGH2015.

About Wyman
Wyman, a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit and proud member of the United Way, partners with communities to provide teens with the support and opportunities they need to thrive in life. Originally founded in 1898, Wyman’s mission is to enable teens from economically disadvantaged circumstances to lead successful lives and build strong communities.

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