Wyman’s Youth Impact Partnership in Normandy

There are 3,300 young people attending school at Normandy Schools Collaborative (NSC), a school district in the St. Louis region, where ninety percent of youth live below the poverty line.

NSC is currently under state control due to lack of academic performance. Since the challenges young people face stretch beyond what NSC can provide, more than 30 nonprofit and health providers are on-site to help NSC ensure youth are ready and able to learn.

To ensure staff remained laser-focused on ensuring academic success, NSC formed an innovative and collaborative partnership with Wyman and Beyond Housing to ensure all students are prepared to excel in and out of the classroom.

Wyman is working alongside the district to:

  • Align and coordinate more than 30 non-academic service providers in NSC, filling service gaps, and leveraging the millions of dollars of financial and social resources those providers bring to the district to achieve better results.
  • Drive accountability and quality among those service providers.
  • Serve alongside district and school building leadership to support active changes in school culture to improve conditions for all students in the district.

“I am committed to this partnership with Wyman because I know that over time, the district will achieve sustainable results because of it. For the first time in three years, this district has performed in the provisional accredited range, resulting from the 34-percentage point spike in performance, according to the Missouri State Board of Education.”  – Dr. Charles Pearson, Normandy Superintendent of Schools

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