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Letter from the ceo & board Chair

Dear Friends, Supporters, and Partners,

For Wyman, 2022 was a year of renewal. A year of growth. But also a year of tremendous loss.

On November 22, we were devastated to lose our colleague and dear friend, DeVonne Wilson. DeVonne served as our Senior Vice President of Programs and was with Wyman for over 25 years. Her expertise, dedication, and compassion touched the lives of countless teens and peers, both here at Wyman and in the community. She was a mentor, teacher, mother, wife, leader, and friend, and Wyman is a better organization – and lives have been forever changed – because of her. Her commitment and relentless belief in the resilience and ability of all teens to thrive is reflected in Wyman’s programs and our mission.

We lovingly dedicate this Annual Report to her memory.

For 125 years our work has continually evolved as the world and the needs of young people have changed. Throughout that time our commitment to the power and possibility of teens in this region and across the country has never wavered. Wyman teens are growing up in an age of great change and challenge. Our partnership with them provides stability, skill-building, the strong support of role models, and opportunities to learn and achieve – and they do!

Today, Wyman impacts the lives of more than 3,000 St. Louis area youth and 30,000 nationally. Our Annual Report highlights Wyman’s growth and accomplishments in 2022, including our Youth Leadership Council and the powerful outcomes the young people we serve are achieving in life, leadership, and education.

It is your generosity and commitment to youth that fuels this work. You, our team, and young people stand shoulder to shoulder ensuring that the future is bright and filled with opportunity. For this we share our deepest gratitude.

For the teens, now and always,

Claire Wyneken
President and CEO

Amy Berg
Board Chair

2022 Board of Trustees


Amy Berg, Chair
Jackie Wellington, Vice Chair
Kristin Poole, Treasurer
Laura Giokas, Secretary

View 2023 Board & Staff


Je’Von Adams-Walker
Kurt Berry
Jaylen Bledsoe
Marnae Chavers
Maureen Clancy-May
Charla Claypool
Donald G. Etling
Javier Gonzalez
Robyn Heidger
Chris Hicks
Lee C. Kling
Brad Kosem
Jenny Lenhard
Kyle Lopez
John A. McHugh
David L. Morley
David K. Rodgers
John S. Sandberg
Carolyn Seward
Florian Sichling
Ashley Walker
Harvey Wallace
Scott Wittkop

Honorary & Emeritus Trustees

Warner L. Baxter
Frank C. Bick*
Ginger Crooks
Sidney H. Guller*
S. Lee Kling*
Carolyn Losos
Alva Moog*
James A. Saitz
Ray A. Scholin*
Curtis Simic
Peter A. Smith
Kenneth B. Steinback*
Bill Voss
W. Jack Wichmann*
Isaac E. Young*

We Believe All Youth Deserve to Thrive

for 125 years,

Wyman has believed in the power of teens.

Every teen has talent and potential, needs healthy connections, and deserves equitable opportunities.

Through our proven programs, we provide experiences, opportunities, and resources that support and challenge them as they grow, and prepare them for the future they want.

Our Mission, Values, & Strategy
Our History
Celebrating 125 Years

Our Commitment to Anti-Racism & Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


diversity, equity, and inclusion

Our mission calls for us to embrace and work for equity and inclusion. We are committed to providing a safe environment of acceptance, education, and inclusion for our young people and colleagues.

It is our responsibility to stand up, speak out, and take action.

Our teens, colleagues, and community can expect:

A CULTURE OF ACCOUNTABILITY AND VISIBILITY. We commit to advocating for equity, for anti-racism, against oppression in all forms, and against white supremacy.

A CULTURE OF TRYING. We will be uncomfortable and make mistakes, because if we are not uncomfortable, we are not doing enough.

A CULTURE OF LEARNING. We commit to developing ourselves individually, and our organization, as anti-racist and anti-oppression. We will incorporate what we learn into our daily actions, as well as our programs and organizational work.

We acknowledge and honor the fundamental value and dignity of all persons.

We commit to an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are passionate about fostering an inclusive and equitable space that promotes and values diversity and belonging, where every teen and staff member can be confident bringing their whole self to Wyman and achieving their very best.

We commit to courageous conversations, personal development, social awareness, and fostering program spaces and an organizational culture that recognize systemic inequities and center the voices of the youth and communities we serve.

DEI at Wyman

The Land We are on


The land on which Wyman sits, and where our staff and young people live and work, is the ancestral land of the Wahzhazhe, or Osage. Many other tribes have lived on or utilized this land including the Ponca, Kaw/Kanza, Omaha, Cahokia, Kaskaskia, Tamaroa, Peoria, Shawnee, and Delaware. Their history, stories, and contributions deserve to be recognized and honored.

We acknowledge that we are on stolen land. We recognize that through acts of genocide, slavery, and exploitation of the Indigenous tribes who lived here, colonialist settlers systematically forced their way onto this land. The actions of Spanish, French, British and American settlers ultimately drove every one of these Indigenous tribes from Missouri by inciting infighting, withholding trade, and finally resorting to unfair treaties and abuse of annuity payments.

Indigenous people are still here and deserve visibility, appreciation, and support from our community.

Land Acknowledgment & Resources

Wyman’s New Youth Leadership Council

The founding members of Wyman’s Youth Leadership Council (YLC) saw a need to amplify youth voice and create space for their generation to be involved when decisions are made. These current and former Wyman Leaders students worked with Wyman staff and Board members to form a partnership based on leadership, advocacy, and mutual learning. 

YLC’s aim is to create ongoing youth-adult partnerships where young people’s voices are elevated in order to remove barriers, promote success and overall wellness, address inequities, and make positive change in their communities and across the world.

“I want to let youth know that they do have a place at the table to speak about policies and decision making. We are the next generation and our voice matters,” says Missy. “I see YLC using its platform to address issues. Not just talking about it, but taking action towards it,” adds Jason.

One of YLC’s areas of focus is learning about our government and ways to enact change.

“We have to be aware. It’s good to take time to understand laws and policies and the change we can bring to the table,” says Jalen. “Eventually it will be our generation in the seats of our government, and we need to know how it works in order to pursue new ideas that will help better communities,” adds Missy.

Meet the YLC:

JASON BROWN, JR., McKinley Classical Leadership Academy Class of 2024
LEILA BROWN, MOCAP Class of 2024
JOELLY FUNEZ, Oakville High School Class of 2023
MISSY MANESS, SLU Class of 2024
JALEN MATHIS, 2022 Morehouse College Graduate, current employee of Boeing

BRYAN CAPERS, Founding Mentor CHRISTINA DONALD, Founding Mentor

“There’s a quote, ‘a democracy is only as strong as its people are educated.’ Everybody has the power to make changes in how they are governed. It’s important to know that your opinion isn’t just an opinion – you can turn it into action,” says Leila.

So far, YLC members have learned about law making, advocacy, and what they can do as individuals to participate in our government. It has also provided a space for them to learn about and explore issues outside of their comfort zones. “We’ve discussed topics that maybe I wasn’t fully knowledgeable about. But I see how it affects some of my peers and I’ve become more open to advocating for change that may not affect me,” says Joelly.

Staff partners Christina Donald, Sr. VP of Programs and Advocacy, and Bryan Capers, former National Network Director of Youth Leadership and Advocacy, championed the creation of YLC within Wyman. “I believe it is all of our roles to partner with youth, work side by side, share decision-making, and change traditional power structures so they can lead us into our future,” says Christina.

“We are partners, but we are also here to be whatever they need at any given moment,” says Bryan. “I have been a coach, an advisor, a hype man, and an agitator. I think that is what they need in partnership – for adults to be flexible to what they need and allow them to lead with certainty, confidence, and high support.”

Learn more about the ylc

BEst of 2022 Highlights

  • Returned to in-person residential summer camp
  • Welcomed 43 teens to the Wyman Leaders Class of 2026
  • Celebrated 100% of the Class of 2022 graduating from high school
  • Welcomed SIX new partners to the National Network
  • Launched the Youth Leadership Council
  • Expanded the Teen Connection Project and began direct service at University City High School
  • Celebrated our 2022 Gala at Camp Wyman
  • Launched a brand new website

Our Programs

IN 2022, more than 1,600 YOUTH
participated in Wyman’s direct service programs.


of Wyman Leaders graduated from high school on time.


of Wyman Leaders Class of 2022 enrolled in postsecondary education.

TOP teens

consistently showed improved social-emotional skills, decreased academic risk behaviors, and a sense of belonging.

our 2022 outcomes show that wyman’s programs impact youth skills, well-being, and educational success.

Wyman’s programs – Wyman Leaders, the Teen Outreach Program®, and the Teen Connection Project® – provide opportunities for community service; social, emotional, academic, and leadership skill building; postsecondary access and support; and relationship development with positive peers and supportive adults.

As our young people continue to face challenges and social inequities, Wyman staff are listening and providing them with support and space for connection and empowerment.

Developing the skills that are critical to overcoming challenges, building relationships with people and communities, and achieving academic success are at the heart of all Wyman programs.

Wyman Leaders supports young people in St. Louis to develop life and leadership skills, enter and complete college and career education programs, and create strong community connections. Youth participate in camp experiences, individualized coaching, and enrichment activities. Teens enter the summer before ninth grade and finish the program as adults, four years after high school graduation.


The Teen Outreach Program® (TOP®) is a nationally-recognized, evidence-based program empowering teens with the tools and opportunities to build social-emotional skills, strengthen relationships, and avoid risky behaviors. TOP youth become prepared to navigate life’s challenges through their teen years and beyond. The 9-month program serves young people from 6th-12th grade in St. Louis and across the country.


The Teen Connection Project® (TCP®), Wyman’s newest evidence-based program, is a highly engaging, social-emotional learning program for high school aged youth. TCP is a nationally-recognized 12-14 week program that empowers teens with the tools and opportunities to develop social-emotional skills, build healthy relationships and community connections, and create a sense of belonging.


Both TOP and TCP have received the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning’s (CASEL) highest designation for high-quality social emotional learning (SEL) programming. TOP and TCP meet CASEL’s SELect designation and are included in the CASEL Guide to Effective Social and Emotional Learning Programs.

More information on our programs and 2021 outcomes can be found at:

Learn About Our Programs
View Our Outcomes

locally grown, nationally known

National Network

Wyman is a St. Louis organization with a national reach. We partner with organizations around the country, training adults to provide our nationally recognized programs to young people in their communities. Wyman’s National Network supports partners to replicate two evidence-based programs – the Teen Outreach Program® (TOP®) and the Teen Connection Project® (TCP®). We also build their teams’ skills and competencies in working with teens through a suite of high quality, multi-disciplinary trainings.

2022 was a year of expansion for the National Network.

The Spanish Language curriculum for TOP was released early in the year, and a Spanish Language curriculum for TCP was developed. These translated curriculums, both of which are available now, will provide more equitable access to TOP and TCP. Additionally, they support high quality facilitation, which is a critical aspect of our programs. Giving partners the opportunity to facilitate TOP and TCP in their native language will lead to better outcomes for young people.

During 2021-2022, the National Network trained 689 adults during 17 trainings. In 2022, the powerful group of professionals from our 73 nationwide partners delivered TOP or TCP to more than 24,000 young people across the country.

In response to the needs of teens nationally and regionally, the National Network focused on expanding access to TCP. In the Centers for Disease Control’s nationally representative survey of high school students in 2021, 37% of students reported they experienced poor mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic, and 44% reported feeling persistently sad or hopeless during the past year. TCP provides an experience for high school students that directly addresses this adolescent mental health crisis by focusing on healthy relationships and connections. Local expansion of TCP was critical to addressing this need and we added CHADS, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and St. Louis Children’s Hospital as partners. By 2025, the National Network will be expanding this coalition to include up to 10 regional partners.

Additionally, the Network piloted initial youth leadership trainings, responding to the needs of partners who wish to elevate youth voice within their communities.

Learn More About The National Network


As a youth serving organization, we are called to work and advocate for equitable systems, fair policies, and humane practices across all systems in which our young people interact and engage. In 2021, Wyman prioritized its advocacy work by creating our Advocacy department. This team has established Wyman’s Advocacy Framework and clarified Wyman’s approach to advocacy.

Wyman has also continued to engage in direct advocacy on mission-aligned issues. Now more than ever our teens and families need partnership and allies to navigate the increasing acts in Congress that are not person centered and have the potential to do harm to our young people’s overall development.

Systemic inequities in our society create barriers for the teens we serve. We have a responsibility to influence, support, and strengthen youth-serving systems, and to advocate with partners and coalitions for better policies.

At Wyman we are proud to advocate with and for young people on the policies and systems that affect their education, careers, and lives.

Learn About Advocacy

By establishing a Youth Leadership Council, we were able to create authentic youth-adult partnerships to affect internal and external change. This work has become the primary focus for Wyman’s advocacy efforts. It is our belief that the best way for a 125 year old youth development organization to make meaningful contributions in this space is to partner with and stand with our youth as they grow and develop the skills needed to be strong self-advocates.

Young people face inequities firsthand and are best suited to inform approaches that will bring about change. We are proud to partner with young people as they prepare to lead and make change in matters that impact their lives and futures.

Thank you to our 2022 Donors

3 Creek Ranch Foundation at YouthBridge Community Foundation
Abby Allen
Carole & Arnie Allen
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Ameren Corporation Charitable Trust
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