Teen Leadership Program (TLP)

Wyman’s Teen Leadership Program (TLP) employs a progressive year-round approach, over the course of six years to support healthy teen development, leadership capacity, college access and college persistence, beginning the summer before 9th grade.* Each summer includes a significant developmental experience followed by integration of core content and relationship support over the course of the school year.


The goals of the Teen Leadership Program are to help youth be productive in school and work; to connect to community and family; and to be able to navigate successfully in diverse environments. Specific program objectives include: (1) Form and maintain positive relationships with other youth and adults; (2) Make a positive contribution to community; (3) Respect human diversity and be capable of working and living in a diverse community; (4) Graduate from high school and pursue higher education or employment; (5) Develop leadership skills in the areas of self-awareness, community, group effectiveness, organization, decision-making, and problem-solving.



Based on results of 2012 TLP graduating class:

  • 100% of TLP teens graduated from high school on time.
  • 95% enrolled in college upon high school graduation.
  • In comparison, only 82% of area teens graduate high school and only 54% of low income youth go on to college after high school.


Wyman invites community partners, made up of specific school districts and agencies with which we have established a partnership to nominate high-performing, high-potential 8th graders. Wyman’s TLP is not an open enrollment program.

If you are an established community partner seeking nomination information, please log in under Partner Resources. If your school is interested in becoming a community partner, please contact Tim at tim.kjellesvik@wymancenter.org.


* Wyman’s TLP previously ended after high school graduation. As we listened to our teens and families, and stayed in contact with our alumnae, we learned that support in their post-secondary pursuits was important to them. We also know that a teens’ successful completion of a post-secondary degree bests enables them to pursue a meaningful career and contribute to their communities. Because of this, in late 2012, Wyman’s Board of Trustees approved a recommendation to focus TLP as a high school through post-secondary program. Moving forward, Wyman will begin the program with teens the summer between 8th and 9th grade (as opposed to the summer between 7th and 8th grade), and will continue to expand post-secondary support services to students in the second year of post-secondary education (beginning in the fall of 2013).

Services to teens currently enrolled in the program, as well as parents/guardians will remain consistent. Because Wyman has a current class of teens who are currently in 8th grade and will be in 9th grade next year, Wyman will not be seeking teen nominations during the 2012-2013 school year.