Click through the maps below to see how Wyman’s Eureka campus has changed throughout the organization’s 125-year history!

Camp Wyman Historical Maps

Cabin Row, 1902Assembly Hall and Cabins, 1900sCamp, 1900sPlayground equipment, main fieldManager's Residence, 1906First PoolAssembly Hall, early 1900sCabin Row, looking eastClifty Creek bridge with main field behindCabin RowView from South Ridge
Dining Hall, 1920sPool, 1920sWomens' Quarters, 1920sSpring House, 1920sRec Hall, early 1930sCourtyard, 1930sCabin Row, 1930sHospitalJungle Gym, 1930s.
The roof of this structure was later used as the roof of the Old Laundry.
Camp Panorama from South Ridge, 1930sCampers in the Main Field, Recreation Hall behindClifty CreekHospitalDining HallCounselors LodgeWashroom, 1930sMain field
Dining hall, 1940sStaff LodgeCabins, 1940Council Fire, 1940sCamp road, looking east, 1940Admin Office, 1940Spring House, 1940Wash house, 1941South Hill steps, 1944Craft House, 1947Steps with wash house behindSwimming Pool and Recreation HallWomen's Quarters, 1955Facing west, 1956Wash house and Women's quartersSuperintendant HomeCabinsRecreation HallWash HouseCamp EntryPoolMain FieldSpring House, 1942Dining Hall, 1940sKitchen
Cabin Row, 1960sKirkwood ChapelSouth Ridge steps, 1960s"Royal Suite", 1960sDillon ChapelSwimming Pool, 1960sOld Pool, 1960sCraft HouseHospitalCouncil Fire, Main FieldLibraryArchery & Rifelry, 1969Outside the Nature House, 1969CabinsArcherySouth RidgeSuperintendent Home, Director's Lodge, and Staff LodgeTrampolines next to the ChapelWash HouseMain FieldView west down Kiwanis DriveMain Field, looking south, 1968Cabins, 1962Main fieldRecreation HallMaintenanceDining HallWeather Station
Front entry, 1984Cabins, 1980sCabins, 1981Cabins, 1984South Ridge Cabins, 1984Recreation Hall, 1984Health Lodge, 1984Camp Caravan, 1990sMain Field, Health Lodge behindRec HallMain FieldOfficeHelp QuartersMorning Star CabinsChapelView west down Kiwanis Drive, Office and Maintenance behindDining Hall additionsLake ConstructionOffice, Laundry and Maintenance, 1985Looking south towards South RidgePump HouseHigh Challenge CourseRecreation Hall constructionPavillion
Target SportsMain FieldOutdoor AmpitheaterSouth Ridge CabinsField CabinsField CabinMarket PavillionHealth LodgeAerial camp view looking eastSwimming PoolEnterprise CenterKling HallDining HallLake DeVonne with Kling Hall, Market Pavillion, Admin Building, and Enterprise Center behind.High Challenge CourseTree Climbing EastClimbing WallZipline CourseFrog Pond