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Letter from the ceo & board Chair

Dear Friends, Supporters, and Partners,

2023 marked a significant milestone in Wyman’s journey as we celebrated our 125th Anniversary!

Throughout the years, Wyman has grown and evolved to focus on deep, positive impact for teens while holding true to our roots as a camp. Our first 100 years taught us about the heart of the camp experience and showed us how it provides young people with a transformative foundation of connections, community, growth, and learning. Over the last 25 years, we have built upon those experiences, taking them beyond summer camp and developing three proven programs centered on educational and career success, life and leadership skills, and healthy behaviors for teens.

As we step into this next era of Wyman – as the new CEO and the first-ever Wyman alum to serve as Board Chair – we center ourselves on what we know:

  • We know – and research shows – decisions made in the teen years, and the types of supports, connections, and opportunities young people have significantly impact their long-term trajectory.
  • We know that significant barriers to long-term success are very real for young people, both in our region and across the country, due to deep systemic, economic, and racial inequities.
  • And we know that when we provide transformative opportunities for young people that focus on life and leadership skills, healthy behaviors and relationships, and educational and career success, they make great things happen.

We are committed to delivering exceptional programs in the St. Louis region and furthering our impact nationwide through our National Network partners. A key objective is the continued expansion of the Teen Connection Project® (TCP®), with our partners playing a vital role in its growth.

The next several pages highlight our impact, accomplishments, and celebrations in 2023. This work, and that of the prior 124 years, has laid a robust foundation upon which we continue to build.

We extend our deepest gratitude to every member of the Wyman community. Thank you for your unwavering support. Together, we can harness the momentum of this moment to drive even greater impact for all teens and young adults in the years ahead.

With warmest regards,

Allison Williams
President and CEO

Jaylen Bledsoe
Board Chair

2023 Board of Trustees


Amy Berg, Chair
Jackie Wellington, Vice Chair
Kristin Poole, Treasurer
Laura Giokas, Secretary

View Board & Staff


Je’Von Adams-Walker
Jaylen Bledsoe
Marnae Chavers
Charla Claypool
Donald G. Etling
Justin Faerber
Javier Gonzalez
Robyn Heidger
Lee C. Kling
Jenny Lenhard
Kyle Lopez
John A. McHugh
Dee Mogerman
David L. Morley
Debbie Rahn
David K. Rodgers
John S. Sandberg
Mark Sears
Carolyn Seward
Florian Sichling
Kelvin Taylor
Harvey Wallace
Scott Wittkop

Honorary & Emeritus Trustees

Warner L. Baxter
Frank C. Bick*
Ginger Crooks
Sidney H. Guller*
S. Lee Kling*
Carolyn Losos
Alva Moog*
James A. Saitz
Ray A. Scholin*
Curtis Simic
Peter A. Smith
Kenneth B. Steinback*
Bill Voss
W. Jack Wichmann*
Isaac E. Young*

For 126 Years, Wyman Has Believed

In the Power of Teens

Wyman amplifies youth voice and leadership, elevates social connections, and expands opportunities for young people who face economic and systemic barriers.

We are experts in working with teens and young adults, and we have an unrelenting belief in their power to positively shape their world.

We create, deliver, and distribute proven programs that help young people build life and leadership skills, establish healthy behaviors and relationships, and achieve educational and career success. Our programs provide experiences, opportunities, and resources that support and challenge them as they grow and prepare them for the future they want.

Our Mission, Values, & Strategy
Our History
Celebrating 125 Years

Our Commitment to Anti-Racism and

diversity, equity, and inclusion

Our mission calls for us to embrace and work for equity and inclusion. We are committed to providing a safe environment of acceptance, education, and inclusion for our young people and colleagues.

It is our responsibility to stand up, speak out, and take action.

Our teens, colleagues, and community can expect:

A CULTURE OF ACCOUNTABILITY AND VISIBILITY. We commit to advocating for equity, for anti-racism, against oppression in all forms, and against white supremacy.

A CULTURE OF TRYING. We will be uncomfortable and make mistakes, because if we are not uncomfortable, we are not doing enough.

A CULTURE OF LEARNING. We commit to developing ourselves individually, and our organization, as anti-racist and anti-oppression. We will incorporate what we learn into our daily actions, as well as our programs and organizational work.

We acknowledge and honor the fundamental value and dignity of all persons.

We commit to an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are passionate about fostering an inclusive and equitable space that promotes and values diversity and belonging, where every teen and staff member can be confident bringing their whole self to Wyman and achieving their very best.

We commit to courageous conversations, personal development, social awareness, and fostering program spaces and an organizational culture that recognize systemic inequities and center the voices of the youth and communities we serve.

DEI at Wyman

The Land We are on


The land on which Wyman sits, and where our staff and young people live and work, is the ancestral land of the Wahzhazhe, or Osage. Many other tribes have lived on or utilized this land including the Ponca, Kaw/Kanza, Omaha, Cahokia, Kaskaskia, Tamaroa, Peoria, Shawnee, and Delaware. Their history, stories, and contributions deserve to be recognized and honored.

We acknowledge that we are on stolen land. We recognize that through acts of genocide, slavery, and exploitation of the Indigenous tribes who lived here, colonialist settlers systematically forced their way onto this land. The actions of Spanish, French, British and American settlers ultimately drove every one of these Indigenous tribes from Missouri by inciting infighting, withholding trade, and finally resorting to unfair treaties and abuse of annuity payments.

Indigenous people are still here and deserve visibility, appreciation, and support from our community.

Land Acknowledgment & Resources

Teen Spotlight: Anthony


Wyman Leaders, Teen Connection Project® (TCP®), and Teen Outreach Program® (TOP®) Participant

Anthony is finishing his sophomore year at University City High School and has been involved with Wyman since his time at Brittany Woods Middle School. “I started TOP when I was in 7th grade, but it was virtual that year, so 8th grade is when I really got involved with Wyman.” TOP turned out to be an engaging program for Anthony, who was impacted by the lessons about personal health and wellness, and emphasis on community service learning. “Some of my favorite Wyman experiences so far were the volunteer opportunities. I’ve loved to volunteer since I was kid. I help at my church a lot and I volunteer in the garden at Brittany Woods Middle School. And during TOP, I was able to volunteer at new places, like pet adoption centers and food pantries.”

Not only is Anthony a former TOP participant, but he also participated in TCP and is currently in Wyman Leaders. When Anthony was in TOP, he participated in a video shoot that changed his whole perspective about the organization. “At first, I didn’t know too much about Wyman. Then I started to get into TOP a little more and I was asked to participate in a video at Camp Wyman. I was really impressed by the entire organization during the video shoot, and through that experience, I first learned about Wyman Leaders.”

“I wish more people knew about Wyman Leaders. It helps you grow as a person and teaches you leadership, communication, and team building skills. It also helps with emotional development; you can really see the growth in other participants.”

Anthony is enjoying his experience with Wyman Leaders. The connections he has made, and the college prep activities he has participated in, are some of his favorite things about the program. “I have felt very connected to my coaches, and I’ve made a lot of new friends, especially those I’ve shared a cabin with. And one thing I have really valued is that Wyman Leaders has taught me about college readiness – the things I need to do to get into college and get a scholarship.” Looking ahead, Anthony is excited to go on college tours and experience the opportunities Wyman Leaders offers during college. He is also excited about Wyman’s Youth Leadership Council and hopes to join during his junior year.

“I wish more people knew about Wyman Leaders. It helps you grow as a person and teaches you leadership, communication, and team building skills. It also helps with emotional development; you can really see the growth in other participants. And the opportunities it can bring after high school, like helping you get into college, are great. I would love to see more teens have the chance to participate.”



FAVORITE SPORTS: Baseball and Basketball – Anthony plays on the U City tennis team!

FAVORITE HOBBIES: Making bead bracelets – a skill Anthony picked up at camp!

“When someone asks me about Wyman, I tell them that it is a place where teens can feel connected and grow as a person. They can feel connected not only to their peers, but to people they have never met before.”

When he graduates from high school, Anthony plans to go to college to become a computer programmer. “I would like to go to college in Missouri and study computer science. There are a lot of career opportunities for computer programmers – like web designer, game designer, or cyber security – and I’m looking at them all.”

Thank you for celebrating With Us!

In 2023, we celebrated our 125th anniversary by honoring the roots that allowed us to grow and develop into a youth-centered, impactful organization. We shared our history and the stories of the young people, staff, partners, and campers who have helped shape Wyman.

Wyman was founded in 1898 to provide St. Louis youth with the opportunity for outdoor and character-building experiences. Since then, our work has continually evolved as the world and needs of young people have changed. But one thing has remained the same: our commitment to teens.

Since 1898, Wyman has been part of the lives of more than 1 million people – and we are dedicated to serving even more in the decades to come.

Thank you for your support over the years, and for helping us honor our history and celebrate our future. We look forward to partnering with you as we move forward. The next chapter of Wyman’s history is just beginning!

BEst of 2023 Highlights

  • A total of 12,648 community service learning hours completed by Wyman TOP teens during the 2022-23 school year
  • 42 teens joined the Wyman Leaders Class of 2027
  • 100% of the Class of 2023 graduated from high school
  • 8 new partners joined the National Network, boosting our total partners to 75

We saw our Wyman history on display at the

Missouri History Museum

Wyman Leaders visited several colleges, including Missouri State University, St. Louis University, Ranken Tech, Mizzou, and

Southeast Missouri State University

The Youth Leadership Council, Claire Wyneken, and Gabriela Bronstein threw out the first pitch at Wyman Day at

Busch Stadium
  • We celebrated our 125th anniversary
  • We celebrated 75 years of school camps with the Webster Groves School District
  • 75 schools and youth camps experienced Camp Wyman
  • We published the initial results of a 3-year research project studying the long-term impact of Wyman Leaders
  • More than 8,900 guests were welcomed to Camp Wyman
  • Allison Williams became our new President and CEO

Our Programs


Wyman Leaders,
The Teen Outreach Program® (TOP®), and
The Teen Connection Project® (TCP®)

provide experiences, opportunities, and resources to young people. They include community service; social, emotional, academic, and leadership skill building; and positive connections with peers and adults.

Wyman Leaders supports young people in St. Louis to develop life and leadership skills, enter and complete college and career education programs, and create strong community connections. Youth participate in camp experiences, individualized coaching, and enrichment opportunities. This is an 8-year program that begins the summer before 9th grade and continues until four years post-high school graduation. 100% of Wyman Leaders participants graduate from high school on time, and research on the program’s long-term impact shows that over 500 alumni have enrolled in and completed postsecondary education at rates that exceed those of youth with similar socioeconomic backgrounds.


The Teen Outreach Program (TOP) is a nationally-recognized, evidence-based program that provides 6th through 12th graders with the tools and opportunities to build social-emotional skills, strengthen relationships, and avoid risky behaviors. Throughout the 9-month program, TOP teens consistently show improved social-emotional skills, and external research on TOP has shown improved academics and decreased risky behaviors among TOP participants.


The Teen Connection Project (TCP) is a nationally-recognized, evidence-based, highly interactive program that builds strong connections among young people. Lessons focus on communication, trust, vulnerability, giving and getting support, and exploring personal strengths. Teens learn to interact, share, and create and maintain social connections with each other and with those in their communities. TCP is a 12-14 week program for 9th through 12th graders. External research on TCP has shown higher quality peer relationships, improved well-being, and higher academic engagement among TCP participants even beyond the duration of the program.


Both TOP and TCP have received the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning’s (CASEL) highest designation for high-quality social emotional learning (SEL) programming. TOP and TCP meet CASEL’s SELect designation and are included in the CASEL Guide to Effective Social and Emotional Learning Programs.


IN 2023, more than 1,670 young people participated in Wyman’s three direct service programs.

We extend our reach through more than 70 partnerships across the country to serve more than 3,000 young people in the St. Louis area and more than 30,000 young people nationally.


of the Class of 2023 graduated from high school on time.


of the Class of 2023 enrolled in postsecondary education.

At least


of Wyman teens reported moderate to high levels of social-emotional skills.


of Wyman teens reported feeling a sense of belonging during their Wyman experience.

Adolescence can be a period of significant challenges. It is also a time of extraordinary growth and development. We implement proven programs to support teens during this pivotal time. The young people we serve are making progress that will have a lifetime of impact.

Across all three programs – Wyman Leaders, the Teen Outreach Program®, and the Teen Connection Project® – young people show improved social-emotional skills, build strong connections, and feel a sense a belonging with their Wyman coaches and peers. Wyman Leaders continue to graduate from high school on time and enroll and persist in postsecondary education.

We are committed to supporting young people and standing with them as they create the future they envision.

View Our Outcomes

Local organization with a national impact

Supporting young people has always been important, and it’s even more vital today with the impact of loneliness and isolation.

The U.S. Surgeon General has sounded the alarm and called for action to address an epidemic of loneliness, isolation, and social disconnection. Young people are at great risk for negative outcomes from this epidemic, including higher levels of depression and anxiety, and lower academic achievement. At Wyman, social connections and relationships are at the heart of the work we do, and they are foundational to addressing this challenge.

Through the National Network, we partner with organizations and schools in more than 30 states, training and guiding them to deliver the Teen Outreach Program® (TOP®) and the Teen Connection Project® (TCP®) in their communities. Our partners gain knowledge, skills, and confidence, and through them our programs support more than 30,000 young people annually. During the 2022-23 program year, Wyman’s National Network supported 75 partners, and delivered 31 trainings to more than 600 adults.

Learn More About Wyman's National Network Read about the Surgeon General's advisory on loneliness and isolation

To address the epidemic of disconnection, we:

  • Provide young people, locally and nationally, with proven, high-quality programs centered on connections and relationships.
  • Ensure our adult trainings, tools, and resources elevate the importance of connections.
  • Advocate at a local and national level on policies and practices that impact young people.
  • Ensure our programs reach as many teens as possible through partnerships.

Thank you to our 2023 Donors

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