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Wyman’s Leadership

Claire Wyneken Outgoing President and CEO Most of Claire Wyneken’s childhood years were spent involved [...]

The long-term, positive impact of Wyman Leaders

by Nicki Thomson, PhD Senior Director, Research and Learning Wyman is committed to ensuring strong [...]

Wyman Awarded Funding from St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund for Work with Area Teens

Wyman Awarded Funding from St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund for Work with Area Teens [...]

2022 Annual Report Available Now!

Wyman’s 2022 Annual Report is now available! [...]

Teen Connection Project promotes health and healing during teen mental health crisis

By Allison Williams Senior Vice President, National Network & Strategic Initiatives The urgency of our [...]

The long-standing partnership between Kiwanis and Wyman

Kiwanis and Wyman’s PartnershipWyman has had deep partnerships with many community organizations throughout its history. [...]

2022 outcomes highlight the determination of young people and the importance of Wyman’s programs

Our 2022 outcomes show that Wyman’s programs and supports are impactful to youth well-being, skill-building, [...]

TOP Results

Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program is one of the most successful and highly respected programs for [...]

Wyman’s Framework for Thriving Youth

Through Wyman’s Framework for Thriving Youth, teens build educational success, healthy behaviors and relationships and [...]

Foundations for Social-emotional Skill Building

The best research helps us make discoveries to improve outcomes. The best research also reveals [...]

2015 Donor Listing

Click the attached image to view Wyman’s 2015 Full Donor List. [...]

Social Emotional Learning: Building Empathy

We often hear the following comments from teens in Wyman’s programs: “My school is not a [...]

Board of Trustees Listing

Wyman is governed by a more than 30-member board that represents our diverse stakeholders. Click [...]

2015 990 Tax Form

Click the attached image to download form. [...]

2015 Annual Report

With your support, Wyman is empowering teens, equipping adults and strengthening systems in St. Louis and [...]

Collaboration Yields Accessible Social-Emotional Learning Tools for Practitioners

As youth providers, educators, parents and policymakers search for ways to ensure youth thrive, the [...]

Wyman Program Alum Turned Facilitator Helps Teens Make Intentional Connections

Crystal Smith serves as a Connection Project Specialist at Wyman. She’s been with the organization [...]