Leadership and Team Building Experiences

Those in the Midwest know Wyman for our historic roots, and affectionately refer to us as “Camp Wyman” for the camp experiences we began offering to children as early as 1898. Since that time, historic “Camp Wyman” has served the community in a variety of ways as a valuable local service in the area.

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The campus has served as the birthplace for some of the most successful youth development approaches that are now offered nationwide for youth at-risk.

By the early 2000’s, these strategies rocketed Wyman onto the national stage as one of the foremost authorities and thought leaders in the field of youth development.

Today, Wyman campus still serves as the home of Wyman’s Teen Leadership Program, which offers one of the region’s most successful, long-term youth development programs for more than 350 teens annually.

In addition, thousands of individuals benefit from Wyman’s leadership and team building expertise. Those who rent the facility or take advantage of these services provide the financial support needed to help Wyman transform teens and change communities.