Become a Wyman Ambassador

Become a Wyman Ambassador

Wyman Ambassadors advocate to improve systems, policies and practices nationwide that enable young people to lead successful lives and build strong communities.

Ways to advocate:

  • Follow Wyman and share content on social media
  • Host events to spread awareness and engage others
  • Contact representatives to ignite policy change on behalf of all teens
  • Share sample messages to support the interests of teens


What benefits do I get from becoming a Wyman Ambassador?

  • The opportunity to become involved in real issues and use your voice to affect positive change within our communities.
  • The chance to emerge as a leader with knowledge about issues that affect teen development.
  • The understanding that your voice is helping teens succeed in learning, work and life.


How do I share your online content?
Join us on social media, and like, share and retweet our content to spread the word.



Together we stand with one goal in mind: Success for our Nation’s Youth.



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