Systems That Support Youth

People work best when they align and coordinate their work to increase equitable access for all youth. For seven years, in partnership with local school districts, Wyman coordinated services across providers, facilitated trainings on youth development and social-emotional supports, and aligned policies and procedures to sustain positive change.

In 2015, Wyman embarked on a new approach to systems change, which became Wrap Around Services. The goal was to develop, implement, and ultimately transition a model for districts to nurture the social-emotional development of students and align and coordinate external providers around the needs of students and the goals of the district.

Our work began in the Normandy Schools Collaborative in 2015 and in 2019, Normandy integrated its model and hired a district leader to lead the work.

Our Wrap Around Services work expanded in 2018 when we began working within the School District of University City (SDUC). The 2021-2022 school year marked our fourth and final year leading Wrap Around Services within this district. Through the dedication of Wyman team members, the commitment and partnership of SDUC, and support from funders, SDUC will begin internally leading the delivery of wrap around services to their students in the 2022-2023 school year.

While this phase of our systems work comes to an end, we remain steadfast in our commitment to continue working and advocating for equitable systems, fair policies, and humane practices across all systems in which our young people interact and engage.

We have a responsibility to influence, support, and strengthen youth-serving systems, and to advocate with partners and coalitions for better policies. We are proud to strengthen the ways in which we partner with young people as they prepare to lead and make change in matters that impact their lives and futures.