TOP® Teens Support Peers in Foster Care

Service Learning at [RE]FRESH

This month Wyman teens from Normandy High School spent a day engaged in a community service learning opportunity at [RE]FRESH, a “fashion forward resale boutique” that provides affordable clothing to teens and twenties, community service opportunities, and support for the programs of the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition.

The students pitched in for this cause as a part of Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program®, and served many roles at the store including, sorting, steaming and tagging clothing. They had a great time with this experience and most importantly learned the value of serving the community in a volunteering effort.

Service Learning at [RE]FRESH

Community service learning, a cornerstone of Wyman programs, doesn’t just affect one’s integrity. It also helps to support local human service organizations and can even help familiarize teens with different career fields. There are several teens who volunteer their time in hospitals, offices, and child care settings as means of laying groundwork for a possible future career path. This commitment to future success sets a standard to employers and college recruiters.

The purpose of this commitment is to assist and support those in need in many different ways while exposing our teens to environments different than their own. At the end of the day, both those helped and those who volunteered benefit.

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