TLP Seniors Experience First Summer Bridge Weekend

“I hope to open up like a social butterfly.”Teen Leadership Program Seniors at College Bridge

“I fear going into debt.”

“I hope to succeed in college.”

This weekend, Teen Leadership Program seniors were given the opportunity to participate in Wyman’s first Summer Bridge program, held at St. Louis Community College’s Forest Park campus. The Summer Bridge is a critical part of Wyman’s new College Persistence Program, and features workshops on life skills, personal and college finances, academic capacities, and professional growth. During the conference, the teens also discussed their hopes and fears about the approaching fall. As most of the teens are first generation college students, their anxieties aTeen Leadership Program College Bridgebout the future indicated a similar theme: responsibility. Our teens understand the importance of a higher education, and worry about the financial responsibility—such as scholarships, loans, and grants—that it entails. They also expressed concern about leaving their family for so long and adapting to a new environment, new friends, and a whole new way of life.

Despite being faced with so many unknowns, their excitement and anticipation was obvious. And, because of their participation in the Summer Bridge weekend and the continued support they’ll receive through Wyman’s College Persistence initiative, these young people can brave their transition to college with confidence and determination.


TG Public Benefit Program provides support for the College Persistence Program, a joint effort between Wyman and The Scholarship Foundation to provide teens with direct financial support, college access services, summer orientation sessions for rising college freshmen and coaching to help students complete college.

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