Teens – How to Pay for College

The thought of paying for college can be paralyzing. For many of you or your peers, the reality of going to college, though prepared academically and emotionally, is a cause for distress. And often, it’s even more so for your parents.

For many of you, this is the first time in your life where you may be asked to pay thousands of dollars to attend something that will require you to exit your comfort zone socially, stay up all night writing papers and stretch your brain capacities by preparing for and taking exams. Though the thought of paying for college and all that it entails may be daunting, know that there is help for you to obtain funding and resources.

Specifically, in regards to finances, make sure you check out the timeline listed on StLouisGraduates.org. This website is made for you to navigate the world of FAFSA (a form that documents how much you can realistically be expected to contribute toward your college education – and how much you will need in financial aid) and scholarships. Though it may be confusing to understand what it means to have subsidized or unsubsidized loans, this website will help you journey through the process of creating less of a financial burden on yourself when you graduate, college degree in hand.

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