Position Openings: Youth Impact Partnerships – University City

Position Openings: Youth Impact Partnerships – University City

Wyman’s Youth Impact Partnership model is an innovative, multi-front approach that leverages the organization’s 120 years in youth development. This approach empowers teens, equips adults that work with those teens every day, and strengthens systems (like school districts), where young people spend much of their time. The result is that more youth are healthier and more successful. And, their school districts are stronger along the way.

Position Opening: Building Director

As part of Wyman’s Youth Impact Partnership team, Wyman is hiring a Building Director to coordinate this building-level work at the School District. This person will manage all of Wyman’s building-level activities, including the design and delivery of student services, relationship management, and updating Wyman’s larger Youth Impact Partnerships team, as well as district personnel on building updates, activities, impact, and opportunity.

Essential Functions:

  • Engage the school administrators, building leaders and service providers to assist with a needs assessment for each school
  • Coordinate all building-level activities and organizations around the areas of needs established within the needs assessment
  • Utilize shared metrics and systems to link building activities in focus areas to the district wide and school goals
  • Work with Wyman’s Research and Learning team to determine the impact of building activities
  • Work with Wyman’s Program team to share information and to collaborate within the School District of University City
  • Create partnerships with principal and building administration team(s) to determine unmet needs and impactful additional services (including best mechanism to bring new services to the building)
  • Participate in the District-wide Team to update building activities, impact, and  to discuss unmet needs and additional services at all buildings

In 2016, Wyman launched its first Youth Impact Partnership, starting with the Normandy Schools Collaborative (NSC). Wyman led the development of quality and accountability standards and a process that has instituted the beginning of a trauma-informed culture that values positive youth development and creates the right school environment for youth to succeed. Since that time, academic achievement in the district has steadily increased, and the district secured provisional accreditation from the Missouri State Board of Education on December 1. Wyman has coordinated more than 35 nonprofit and health providers, created better alignment of services and filled gaps to fill unmet needs, including launching a new onsite, full service health center to serve all NSC students.

Wyman is recognized by some of the nation’s leading youth development organizations and ranked among the best places to work in St. Louis. Our diverse team is dedicated to serving the young people who inspire us every day. As a result, teens across the region are able to build academic success, healthy behaviors and relationships and life and leadership skills. Join us. Stand with them, and apply.

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