Countless studies show that you play a critical role in determining what influences your teen. Wyman is committed to providing you with the best possible resources and advice using principles from our evidence-based teen programs to ensure that your teen has the ability to navigate life successfully. To the right we list all current articles pertaining to parenting.

Here are some resources that we have put together to help you journey through the honorable task of being your child’s #1 cheerleader, support and mentor.

Disclaimer: We do not control what is featured on these sites. The opinions and views presented in these sites are owned by each individual site.– This is an extremely comprehensive resource of parenting tips and topics created by the Massachusetts Children’s Trust Fund. The Fund created One Tough Job to support parents by providing them with current, reliable, and practical information on a variety of parenting topics related to raising children from infancy through adolescence. – A great website for parents that discusses the many changes your adolescent may be going through and how to understand them and help them thrive.

TheNationalCampaign – Resist “the Talk” and instead, talk about topics with your children early and often. Presented here as “ten tips” – many of which will seem familiar because they articulate what parents already know from experience. Research supports these common sense lessons: not only are they good ideas generally, but they can also help teens delay becoming sexually active.

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