Kalan C Teen Leadership ProgramAlthough only 14, Kalan already knows that his plans for the future must include a career that allows him to help others. His focus on service was clear even while he attended Wyman’s Teen Leadership Program’s intensive summer session; from lending a helping hand to a friend to greeting Wyman board members at Kling Hall, Kalan is an example of how service brings joy into one’s life.

At Fox Middle School, Kalan was active in student council and loved participating in track and field events. His favorite class was geography, but he also enjoyed learning about American history and especially loved studying the era during World War II. This fall Kalan will be a freshman at Fox High School, and he is anticipating meeting new friends and joining organizations that reflect his values. “I’m looking forward to participating in student organizations in high school, because I think that they help keep me involved and teach me how I can contribute to my community,” Kalan said.

Kalan’s involvement in TLP also impacts his perspective on the world; As someone mindful of the importance of healthy relationships in his own life, he has been able to put his values into practice in TLP’s leadership labs, where the topics include how to respect one’s peers and being an active listener. “I appreciate the friends and counselors I’ve meet in TLP, and I plan to one day become a group leader for Wyman so that I can give back to the [program] I love,” Kalan added.

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