Ideas for ‘Date Night’ – with Your Teen

Having date nights are not only limited to your significant other. Spending quality one-on-one time with your teen can help you grow closer together and show that you enjoy their company! Although they may not say it, a national poll indicated that up to 67 percent of America’s teens say they actually want to spend more time with their parents. Moreover, research shows that when parents and teens have quality time together, their well-being is positively impacted.

Need some ideas? Here is a list of activities that would make a great ‘date night’ with your teen.

1.       Take a class together

Sewing classes, pottery lessons, drawing classes…the options are endless. Deciding on a class to take with your teen can provide an opportunity to try something new. Make sure you allow your teen to play a large role in deciding what type of class to take.

2.       Go to a farmers market

Essentially, this is a free activity. Hanging out at the farmer’s market is a great way to be introduced to new produce, interesting products and good food. For bonus points, take home what you get and make a meal together.

3.       Camp out

This one is definitely a memory-maker. Camping is a great way to get away from technology and spend quality time with your teen. Though it requires a bit more coordination, not having the distraction of laptops and video games can be a great environment for getting to know your teen and talking about deeper subjects.

4.       Get active

Hike, run, bike, swim or take a fitness class together. Spend time researching the routes or classes you will take. Warning: This may sound silly, but if prodding to get active comes off as a sideways jab to their weight or appearance, you might get some backlash. Explore with caution.

5.       Attend a performance

Outdoor theatre, movies on the lawn, the ballet/opera/symphony – depending on your community, many of these types of activities are offered for free. For performances, check your local for tickets people may no longer need.

6.       Volunteer together

Brainstorm a cause which you are both passionate about and discover ways to volunteer. Utilize sites like or to get connected. This is a great activity to start discussions about life, the greater community and their role in it.

What are some things that you do with your teen?

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