Higher Education: Getting Ready and Getting Through

Crisp clean notebooks, big yellow buses, and exceptionally light backpacks– these items all signify the start and excitement of a new school year. And, as you help prepare your teen to be successful in the classroom, we at Wyman want to provide you with the resources and supports you need to help them in their pursuit of a post-secondary education.

Wyman is a member of St. Louis Graduates, a coalition of educators, service providers, business people and philanthropic leaders who have come together to help first-generation and low-income students get ready, get in and get through a post-secondary degree. Our coalition’s passion for higher education leads us to identify opportunities that increase college enrollment and to advocate for resources that support students’ pursuit of a higher education.

Getting you and your teen ready for college requires more than just school supplies. College readiness begins early in adolescence, and St. Louis Graduates can help you navigate the necessary steps you and your student can take to fully prepare for the college classroom. From getting ready to getting through, St. Louis Graduates will provide you with the resources you need to set realistic post-secondary education goals with your teen.

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