Brandon S. is an affable freshman at Missouri State University and a recent graduate of Wyman’s Teen Leadership Program (TLP). He is currently enrolled in MSU’s nursing program, and finds his classes challenging yet rewarding. A passionate athlete, Brandon balances his studies with lacrosse practices and games. His love of the game led him to continue to play in college, and he credits TLP for helping him to adopt the time management skills crucial to his current success.

“TLP taught me the importance of taking all schoolwork seriously, and helped me to identify my capabilities,” Brandon affirmed. “Getting into MSU was a great accomplishment, but because of TLP I know that it was only the beginning.” Brandon looks forward to his next few years in college when he will continue to have the support from fellow TLP graduates. His graduating class was very close, and they continue to provide accountability and friendship to one another.

Combining his interests of serving others, health administration, and his love of flying, Brandon hopes to become a flight nurse after he graduates college. His plan requires him to receive extensive training in intensive care, disaster management, and various other life support certifications, but he is focused on and excited about achieving his career goal.

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