American Graduate: Tune In and Share Your Story

American GraduateIn March, two documentaries will be broadcast on Nine PBS that focus on some of the most difficult aspects of the nation’s dropout crisis: under-performing schools and at-risk youth.The pair of documentaries will be presented as part of the American Graduate Initiative.

180 Days: A Year Inside an American High School follows a District of Columbia high school that is struggling to adequately prepare students in the areas of math and reading. The two-part film will air at 8 PM CT March 25th and 26th on Nine PBS.  Follow the link for more information on the film, as well as video clips.

Tavis Smiley Reports: Education Under Arrest examines efforts to reform the juvenile justice system and keep at-risk teens in school. Education Under Arrest is a follow-up to Smiley’s Too Important to Fail documentary, which investigated the causes of the rising dropout rate among African-American male teenagers. This one-hour program airs at 8 PM CT, March 26th on Nine PBS. Follow the link for a preview and more information on the program.

Nine PBS invites you to tune in and share your story. Your story could inspire a student to stay in school. Tell us what education has meant to you.

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